Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Traveler CD Review

A Traveler is a tremendously emotional and touching composition that links together the singer-songwriter tradition with emotive rock and alternative styles. A smart production ensures that listeners will be able to pick out the vocals, drums, or horns and be able to wholly enjoy what is being laid down.


The track (and the whole of A Traveler) will draw listeners in through the sheer amount of care taken in laying down these fifteen tracks.

Nothing is a very cozy sort of composition that combines the vocal and instrumental sides of the composition into a feel-good track. The twinkling arrangements that are laid down are rich and fulfilling, and while the track has a meandering, slow demeanor the ability of the act to tune listeners in ensures that the listener is wholly engrossed. Nothing is a late-album track that furthers the album’s narrative through a dense and detailed instrumental opening. When Henrik’s vocals begin, the track (and the track’s listeners) are transported into an entirely new realm. A Traveler is able to ride the good vibes into Oscar Wilde, a cut that is folksy and bouncy, tattooing itself upon anyone lucky enough to listen in.

A Traveler ends with a duet of tracks – Listen to the Silence and A Kingdom Inside Me – that provide listeners with a microcosm of the styles and sounds that were broached during the earlier registers of the album, while providing fans with some semblance of where A Traveler will ultimately go in subsequent releases. Make sure to visit the A Traveler website for samples of music from this album, lyrics, and further biographical information about the act. The title can be purchased from iTunes, emusic, and Spotify.

Top Tracks: A Traveler, The Season

Rating: 8.6/10

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