Wednesday, May 14, 2014

COMET CONTROL Launches New Song "The Soft Parade"

COMET CONTROL is the new band from Andrew Moszynski (guitar) and Chad Ross (vocals/guitar), formerly of Toronto psych rock champions QUEST FOR FIRE. The powerhouse musicians are joined in COMET CONTROL by Nicole Howell (bass), Jay Anderson (drums) and Christopher Sandes (keys) and the group’s eight song self-titled debut is nothing short of stunning. Comet Control will drop on May 20 via Tee Pee Records.

The album is already being hailed as “a heavy, deceptively tuneful slab of psychedelia“, and “the future“. 

     Today, the music and pop culture platform MXDWN premieres the new COMET CONTROL song “The Soft Parade“, calling the track “a burst of freshness” and saying, “You’re hit with an eccentric wash of color“. Hear what the buzz on COMET CONTROL is all about with the MXDWN premiere of “The Soft Parade” now at THIS location.

COMET CONTROL extends the dark, bass-driven washes of sound that QUEST FOR FIRE fabulously produced and drenches it in majestic bursts of pastel post-rock guitars and bright, breezy vocals. Recorded at Toronto’s Candle Recording (Fucked Up, Sebastien Grainger) and mastered by Carl Saff (Bass Drum of Death, Earthless), the album exceeds expectations, delivering a driving, dreamy sound that will lodge itself in your ears and refuse to let go. Simultaneously heavy and sunny, COMET CONTROL rocket to the forefront of today’s dark psych scene and deliver a modern classic with their triumphant debut. Out-of-this-world, futuristic cover art and packaging for Comet Control, designed by far-out artist SIGNALSTARR (known for his work for the 20th Century Fox film “Prometheus”) adds to the potent push of the record’s searing scope.

“After Quest for Fire broke up, Andrew and I still had a lot of songs in the works,” commented Ross. “We are very excited about how things turned out. Everything clicked really fast with the new band, and the songs have taken a step in a fresh, new direction.”

     Canadian national music magazine Exclaim! just premiered the new COMET CONTROL song “Ultra Bright“, calling the tune, “a supernova of a space rock track.” Blast off with COMET CONTROL‘s rocketing “Ultra Bright” now at THIS location!

In related news, The Onion A.V. Club recently premiered the new COMET CONTROL song “Future Forever“, saying the song, “surfs across the bluesy drone of The Black Angels and the melodic spaciousness of Swervedriver.” Check out COMET CONTROL‘s “Future Forever” and hear for yourself now at THIS location.


(photo: JR Jansen)

 Track listing:

1.) Blast Magic

2.) Future Forever

3.) Ultra Bright

4.) The Soft Parade

5.) Century

6.) Hats Off to Life

7.) Fear the Haze

8.) Master

Formed in 2007 from the ashes of garage-pop bastard-greats The Deadly Snakes and hardcore / crust band Cursed, QUEST FOR FIRE delivered “far-out trippiness” via long-form songs, distended, leaden riffs, heavy psychedelic swirl and solo-based jams that evoke memories of classic underground blues and garage rock from the ’70s. The band’s moody drift of layers and contrast was hailed as “riveting rock” that suggests “mutual interests in Black Sabbath sludge and druggy dream-pop.” The band’s 2010 release Lights from Paradise was called “strobe-lit psych”, by Pitchfork, “one of the most convincing guitar albums of the year” by Popmatters and “excellent” by SPIN.