Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ready Never Eleutherophobia CD Review

Ready Never provide a tremendous wallop with Take That Pill, the first single off of their album Eleutherophobia. This cut blends equal amounts of EDM and pop, creating something that will be on heavy rotation no matter whether individuals are in Miami, Ibiza, or any other dance hot spot. The vocal quality of the track is impressive, providing a nice foil for the lively arrangements.

After this initial salvo, Ready Never spins things in a bold new direction with Casualties. This track comes in with a blend of Maroon 5, Offspring, and Wax. This light and reggae-based effort has a slower and more deliberate beat, ramping things up nicely for Tell Me. Tell Me is a track that goes in the electro-soul direction (Duck Sauce, Chromeo), keeping things interesting through a set of vocals that would play nicely on KISS-FM. It is this ability to deftly navigate through the pop and dance genres that will endear most fans to Ready Never. No matter where one is at on Eleutherophobia, only the most interesting and invigorating music will be heard.

My Eye Know Might is one of the highest-energy tracks on this album, linking together acts like Cash Cash and LMFAO with a more sultry and tropical feeling. The synthesizer that laces itself through the track is absolutely infectious, and single-handedly keeps the party hopping as the Ready Never move to their final track on Eleutherophobia, Assistant Press Play. The band concludes this album in as authoritative of a way as they began it; this is a banger throughout.

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Top Tracks: Take That Pill, Be My Lover Again, My Eye Know Might

Rating: 8.6/10

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