Saturday, May 3, 2014

Adventure Time: The Suitor DVD

This Cartoon Network DVD release collects 16 episodes from a variety of seasons. Fan-favorites (James Baxter the Horse, Another Give More Short Graybles are present), while a number of other inclusions (Sky Witch, Beyond This Earthly Realm, and Blood Under the Skin) provide further story line and character motivations. The video quality is equivalent to its initial broadcast, while the visual quality keeps faithful with the same collection of vibrant colors and crisp animation. This DVD runs for 176 minutes and represents a perfect birthday or holiday gift for young adults, teens, and fans of Adventure Time; at three hours of run time, there is considerable replay value to be had with this release. The Suitor comes with one additional feature, which provides viewers with additional information regarding some characters that may not be given much screen time in the show.

Watch new episodes of Adventure Time on Cartoon Network on Monday nights. The Suitor can be found at any well stocked video or comic book store after its May 6th release date, for around 15 to 20 dollars. Keep an eye out for the Adventure Time: Princess Day DVD release, which will be dropping down on store shelves on July 29th, 2014.

Rating: 8.7/10

Adventure Time: The Suitor DVD / 2014 Cartoon Network / 176 Minutes /