Saturday, May 17, 2014

Marshall Dane One of These Days CD Review

One of These Days is the latest album from Canada’s Marshall Dane, and the album provides listeners with country music that draws equally from the late eighties, nineties, and oughts. The production on a track like Take You Home to Mama ensures that the track could easily make it onto country rotation, while the quality of the instrumental arrangements here is stellar.

Till I Get To You is a more complex and contemplative track, and shows a considerable amount of finesse on Dane’s part. The same driving rhythms and catchy vocals are present here, but the resulting track is considerably different in terms of overall feeling from One of These Days. The depth and breadth of Dane’s music is further shown during the titular cut from One of These Days. The track is Dane’s way into crossover success, and does not require Dane to make substantial changes to his own inimitable style. LKiving It Up is a track that looks back to the honky-tonk days and will bring a crowd onto the dance floor. Taken together, the 12 cuts on One of These Days showcase a wide array of emotions and influences, giving a fullness to the composition that makes it eeasy for the album to stay in vehicles and on playlists for months (if not years) to come.

Make sure to visit Dane’s website for more information about each of his albums, further news about live dates and subsequent recordings, and a number of samples of the tracks on One of These Days. The album is available from Dane’s website directly and from iTunes.

Top Tracks: Take You Home to Mama, Till I Get To You

Rating: 8.3/10

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