Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Doug Briney Super Country Cowboy CD Review

Super Country Cowboy is a cool and confident track that works well in melding together country music from the eighties, nineties, and today. The production of tracks on Briney’s latest makes it easy for listeners to immediately fall in love with the disc.super country cowboy cover med

I Get To is a tremendously emotive effort that puts family first, a move which any listeners will be able to personally identify. The Money The Gun and the Bible has soaring guitar lines and a strong set of strings. Briney creates a crossover hit with this track, as the vocals link together hints of Warren Zevon and Jackson Browne as they keep a cogent and compelling narration going through the middle of Super Country Cowboy. I’m Up is a hard-rocking track that builds off of the work of Bob Dylan, Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Alan Jackson. The momentum that Briney inserts into this track makes the sojourn to Unknown Soldier feel extremely brief.

Pretty Big Deal has a honky-tonk feel that provides listeners with a strong narrative and an earnest set of vocals that will resound long after the album has ceased. The track has hints of Diamond Rio and Vince Gill, all while Briney’s inimitable vocals come through in a smooth and honeyed fashion.

Make sure to purchase Briney’s album from his website (a steal at $10) and check Doug out at any one of the numerous live dates that he will be playing in Tennessee through the spring and the summer. Super Country Cowboy is an album that touches upon a considerable number of distinct country genres, succeeding because Briney has put his heart and soul into each song here.

Top Tracks: Super Cowboy Country, Pretty Big Deal, The Money The Gun and the Bible

Rating: 8.6/10

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