Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Anthony Starble We Need To Be Loved EP Review

We Need To Be Loved is Los Angeles’ Anthony Starble’s latest release, and it captures four distinct facets of this multi-element performer. The title track on We Need To Be Loved begins with a tremendously emotive piano line that yields to a similarly moving set of vocals. The sheer vocal range that is present on this first track will immediately create fans. Imagine a blend of Bruno Mars and Patrick Stump, and place an ample amount of electronic fuzz in the background.



The music that issues forth on this EP takes on hints of emo, trip-hop, and even dubstep before Starble hangs his hat. Why  furthers the same sort of electronic/acoustic style that was originally crafted on We Need To Be Loved. With the same deeply emotive voice initiating the track, Why is a track that furthers Starble’s palette. The track settles nicely into a singer-songwriter style, pushed to an entirely higher level due to a tremendous production that simultaneously creates a crystal-clear set of interactions while keeping an overall cozy style.

Oh Father is little more than a piano and Starble’s vocals, but the emotional intensity achieved by this track will stick with listeners long after the mini-album ceases. We Need To Be Loved concludes with Our Love is Lonely, an effort that allows Starble to begin to wind things to a close. The track is stacked with sixties cool and jazz influences, all achieved by Starble keeps things interesting for the widest subset of listeners. Fans that wish to understand the depth of Starble’s musical style would benefit from purchasing a copy of this EP.

Top Tracks: We Need To Be Loved, Our Love is Lonely

Rating: 8.0/10

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