Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hansgod - Afroots

After his EP “Ice Cream” Hansgod returns with his first album “Afroots”. Ten techno, minimal and progressive house tracks as its best. He creates his own little world of soundscapes, crispy percussions, driving beats, dark, sensual, with warm, powerful sequencer sounds. So let’s take a bath in Hansgods mystery, dark, dreamy and playful world.

Releasedate: 18.05.2014

Genres: Techno/Minimal/Progressive House


01 Africool

02 Douce fourmi

03 Cristal

04 Menthe

05 Stretchin

06 Afribal

07 Titepistofnono

08 All i want

09 Shake da

About the artist:

Hansgod is a french producer dj/live/act who evolved with electronic music .His breakbeat and hip-hop roots made him reach house music and later techno music.He began mixing at 16 years old and made his first step on a sequencer at 21.Today he wants to stop making melodies to work on tech-house and minimal sound objects … He is resident of a new but well known underground place, the after bar in western France.