Monday, May 5, 2014

Plum Island Belgian White

Plum Island is a tremendous beer for warm days, possessing a considerable lightness that makes it tremendously to pick up and quaff. The beer pours with a rapidly-dissipating white head, and a considerable effervescence. Grainy elements are present, representing the perfect palette for floral, coriander, and spicy elements to be shown.lPlumIslandCan_large

The beer is bold and complex while still being tremendously inviting to those comfortable with lagers. The crispness of the Plum Island is moderated nicely through the alcohol notes that poke through. At the end, imbibers will experience hints of tangerines, oranges, and spice notes that faintly bring cloves and vanilla to the party. With so many twists and turns, the Plum Island Belgian White is something that maintains its vitality as no two sips will be the same. One drink may play up cereal and grain notes, while another might ferry fruit and spice elements. It is this eclectic and mercurial personality that makes this Newburyport release so interesting.

The Newburyport website contains ample information about their line of year-round and seasonal efforts, hours and directions to the brewery, and a store in which visitors can purchase brewery-tagged tees, hoodies, baseball caps, and pint glasses.

Rating: 9.0/10

Plum Island Belgian White / 5.4% ABV / Belgian-Style Ale / Newburyport Brewing Company /