Friday, May 2, 2014

Sound Liberation Days CD Review

Days, the latest album from Sound Liberation, showcases considerable evolution of the band’s sound. Together,, the thirteen tracks on the album represent a cohesive and cogent thought, ensuring that listeners will be at the edges of their seats from beginning to end.cover

Money: Rap Sense is a very chill and relaxed track, with a production that works equally well in the nineties and today. The hard-nosed rap style that dominates ratchets up the momentum, immediately drawing listeners in while furthering a narrative that will be referred to consistently on Days. What Shall I Do spins things in a bold new direction, allowing Sound Liberation to harken back to the halcyon days of the sixties and seventies before flipping the script.  Varieties of Religious Experience: Closer to Me than My Own Breath has an interesting take on time signatures, allowing a free-jazz style to dominate. The much more spontaneous feel of Sound Liberation here provide listeners with the boost that they need to conclude Days.

The two final tracks of Days – Outcome of the Wine and About Time – represent an expansive experimentation in the styles and influences that make it onto disc. The combined 14-plus minutes of these tracks will show listeners the breadth and complexity of Sound Liberation, all while the act is able to provide an emphatic point on this album. Days can be purchased from Amazon and iTunes; make sure to visit Sound Liberation’s Facebook profile for news and snippets of new tracks.

Top Tracks: Money: Rap Sense, What Shall I Do, Varieties of Religious Experience: Closer to Me than My Own Breath

Rating: 8.4/10

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