Friday, May 2, 2014

INCARNATED: Polish Death Metal Veterans To Release Third Album Via Selfmadegod

INCARNATED, are back with their decimating third album, now nearing release this Spring via Selfmadegod Records.


The follow-up to 2006′s Pleasure Of Consumption LP, INCARNATED‘s newest carnage comes by way of Try Before Die, a frenzied rampage featuring nine new tracks of unrelenting and heavy death metal in the vein of Penetralia-era Hypocrisy, Nirvana 2002, Nihilist and Vomitory. Try Before Die was recorded, mixed and mastered at Bloodline Studio, Białystok, Poland 2013, engineered by Robert Pierscinski. Get ready for over thirty minutes of intense and uncompromising bloodbath in the old-school tradition!


The third track from Try Before Die, “Dead Eyes See Nothing,” is now available for your aural disintegration RIGHT HERE.


Try Before Die Track Listing:

1. Zombieland

2. Second Side (Out Of Mind)

3. Dead Eyes See Nothing

4. My Brother Cain

5. Full Of Victims

6. Death Machine

7. Grave Is Where Your Heart Is

8. Bloody Hands

9. Madness


Hailing from Bialystok, Poland, INCARNATED specializes in unapologetically grimy, intentionally filthy-sounding death metal, which they proudly describe as “Gorephobic Slaughtering Metal,” as if there was any fear of gore in their gleefully disgusting compositions. Founded in 1992 by vocalist/guitarist Pierscien, INCARNATED has released a rash of demos, MLPs, and splits with Dead Infection, Damnable, Parricide and Reexamine over the years, in addition to their previous two full-length albums; 2001′s Human Flesh, 2006′s Pleasure of Consumption, also released via Selfmadegod.


Try Before Die will see US release on June 6th; preorders for the CD are available via Selfmadegod’s stateside mailorder depot Earsplit Distro HERE. European CD/digital preorders can be placed HERE.



Bartosh – drums

Thomas – guitars

Pierscien – vocals/guitars/bass