Friday, May 16, 2014

Piqued Jacks Upturned Perspectives Review

The furious energy that hits listeners during Piqued Jacks’ Upturned Perspectives is impressive, but what is more impressive is the ability of the band members to create a compelling and controlled effort out of this initial salvo. The music here has guitars, drums, bass, and vocals unite to make a unique style of alternative rock. While the vocals are front and summer, the arrangements of each instrument receive their own place in the sun. In doing so, Piqued Jacks come out of the gate hitting on all cylinders.

No Bazooka is the second track on this release, and it provides listeners with a different set of influences and overall sound. The track is much more emotive and earth, with Piqued Jacks taking on a much more contemplative style. The lush instrumentation and rapid switches in overall sound represent constants for the band, and it is this spontaneity that will endear the band to fans.  The final minute of No Bazooka allows the band to gain momentum and showcase considerable technical ability. Taken together, these two efforts provide listeners with some semblance of Piqued Jacks’ overall sound and gives fans some idea about where the band will ultimately go in the months and the years to come.

Make sure to visit the Piqued Jacks’ website for more information about the band, ample amounts of pictures and videos, and for further updates regarding samples, new additions to the band’s stores and Piqued Jacks’ live dates.

Top Track: Upturned Perspectives

Rating: 8.3/10

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