Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Robert Nix Last Day On Earth CD Review

Give It Up is a track that utilizes complex time signatures and a mélange of styles as diverse as showtunes, eighties pop, and fifties ballads. The sheer diversity of influences that are broached on Last Day of Earth considerably increases the replay value of the title.


The titular track on Last Day of Earth will tattoo itself on the minds and hearts of listeners, due to the soaring vocals laid down by Nix. These vocals fade slightly into the periphery of You Guessed It (On Your Side). The interplay of instruments on this effort makes for a complex arrangement, requiring listeners to continue to spin the track to glean the whole amount of twists and turns that were presented them.

The Fallen Dictator’s Song ramps up the narrative quality of Last Day of Earth with an engrossing story and a brooding instrumentation that sets the stage for the effort. As the second half of Last Day On Earth begins, listeners will be spun off into a bold new direction with Bloodflow. Bloodflow is the longest effort on the album, enabling Nix to stretch compositions out and create a track that wends up in a considerably different place than it had begun. The sheer eclecticism of Nix makes for an album that continually surprises listeners, while Nix’s musical and song-writing abilities ensures that fans will keep this CD in their player for a long time. Visit Nix’s website for additional information about his albums and further biographical information, and check out his CDBaby for an easy way to hear samples and purchase his music.

Top Tracks: You Guessed It (On Your Side), When Will My Time Come, Everything To Everyone

Rating: 8.2/10

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