Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Marshall Dane Interview

One of These Days is your latest album. Describe it in a few sentences.

This is my latest and greatest record yet!  I started writing for this album in the summer of 2011, recorded in 2012 and released in 2013.  It’s an empowering album with a message of hope, understanding, joy and love.  It’ll make you smile at times, reflect on life, and give you a sense of strength no matter what your day holds!


How is the album different than other albums released this month or year?

Well, it’s mine…uniquely.   It’s got the passion of a country record and the energy of a rock delivery…it expresses experiences that I’ve gone through, and hopefully relates to other people, letting them know, they’re not alone on this journey of life.

Can you describe your creative process to us? How does a song go from an initial germ of a thought to a finished song?

The creative process is always slightly different…sometimes It’s an instant inspiration to express an idea…and the song just flows out of me…other times, it’s a deliberate process to express a message and it’s built over a few days/sessions in order to make sure the impact is clear and concise….then it’s another process all together, making sure the production reflects the motive.

What artists influence your music the most?

Probably my parents…my mama would sway at the piano every night as my 6 brothers and sisters and I fell asleep.  My pops would play guitar at every social gathering I can remember.  They introduced me to the sounds of Elvis, Willie Nelson, Simon and Garfunkel, Kenny Rogers and Johnny Denver.

Are there any significant differences in the country music created between Canada and United States?

I guess just like there are differences between music from Memphis, Nashville, Texas etc, Canadian Country Music has it’s own lil flare, mixing Canadian rock and Canadian Country together.  The story telling is the same…the morals and underlying ethics are the same….but the production seems to be the major difference…and that’s what makes the world uniqueJ

In a similar vein, how has your style evolved and changed over the period since you first started?

Well hopefully the writing has gotten better/deeper/smarter.  I’ve always created music that seemed to be non-genre specific…it had a little of this and a little of that….incorporating the influences of my family and the music I’ve come to enjoy since I was a boy.  Nowadays I find myself balancing my natural instincts with what the recording/radio world requires…and as time goes on, I start to lean less on the outside influences, and reflect more on my instincts, to keep the uniqueness. 

What is your favorite track on One of These Days, and why is it a favorite?   

One of These Days, the title track.  It encompasses the over all message of the album… Empowerment, determination, passion for progress!

What goals do you still have left to accomplish in your career?

I want a song to reach the TOP 40…then top 30, 20, 10…and you know what’s nextJ!!

How do fans keep up to date about you, your music, and your live dates?

Everything about my musical journey can be found at www.marshalldane.com  Here they can connect to iTunes, Facebook, Twitter etc

Do you have any final words for our readers?

Thank you for supporting independent music.  Right on Right on!!  I hope you enjoy my creations and can find a song to fall intoJ          

Thank you so much for your time.

My pleasureJ!