Thursday, April 2, 2015

BACtrack Vio Review

There is really no way besides simply calculating based on one’s way the level of intoxication that they currently are at after a few drinks. The math is arcane and one has a variety of mitigating and exacerbating factors that could modify this BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level from what the calculations would indicate. The average smartphone has the processing power to go and actually calculate this BAC based on one blowing into a supplied dongle. The BACtrack Vio is a breathalyzer for those with a mobile phone (iPhone and Android versions of the required application are available for free).


The device comes with extra disposable mouthpieces to keep things clean over the course of months or years, while the plastic that the Vio utilized can be wiped done and toted around in a purse or bag without worrying about possible damage.

Of course one wants to make sure that they are well under the legal limit before they even think about going and driving anywhere but BACtrack provides further confidence that one is ready to go behind the wheel. We had the best luck calculating our BACs when we tested using this breathalyzer 2 or 3 different times. This allowed us to get a good sense of the level of intoxication of the person – additional data points are always good when trying to key in to the specific level of inebriation that one possesses. The sheer novelty of the BACtrack Vio makes this a must buy. For that greater peace of mind before leaving dinner or a bar this would also be a smart purchase. BACtrack has a full slate of devices that will be able to fit a wide variety of applications. Make sure to visit the company’s domain for the specifics about each of their products and for extra mouthpieces when one’s supply runs low. The BACtrack Vio is available for $49.99 and can be easily affixed to one’s keys with the included keychain; is available from online retailers and from the company directly.

Rating: 8.7/10

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