Sunday, December 14, 2014

All Music

The ability to purchase gear as a musician is perhaps one of the most important decisions that one can make. There are hundreds of different companies that are making a living selling instruments, replacement parts, amplifiers, and other gear but there are few that actually possess the knowledge about the goods that they stock. A great many of the chain stores that are present throughout the United States hire virtually any one, meaning that the person that is at the counter could not tell you about the different types of amps or the right type of strings / drum sticks / effects pedals that one would likely need. Allmusicinc is a company that prides itself on knowing the nooks and crannies of all of the materials that they sell – an email to the company and one will rapidly get back further information about the product and even some input by those representing the company.

This is the right place to go if you are a serious musician that wants gear and supplies at a low price while not sacrificing the inventory of the big box stores. If you are in the Long Island area, take a trip down to All Music. If the trip is a little on the lengthy side, just visit their website at to see the products that they have inj stock. The company has been around for over 30 years, so they understand what they sell and how to get it into your hands via the cheapest and safest freight options that are out there. I would strongly recommend bookmarking the website as there are substantial updates made to it on a regular basis – you may be able to find the deal of a life time on a chance visit, for example.