Saturday, December 20, 2014

Marcato Atlas 150

There is pasta available at a wide variety of supermarkets but there’s a certain satisfaction that can be received when makes their own pasta. Marcato Atlas 150 (around $70-80) is a perfect entry level pasta making machine. The device fits together with great ease ensuring that an individual will easily be able to get it to work. The device is crafted with only the best materials, which means that the Atlas 150 will be working for years to come. The device comes with a number of different pieces to create a wide array of different pasta types. The wheel on the side of the Atlas 150 allows for the size of the pasta to be changed, while the aforementioned heads mean that one can creat fetucchine, flat dough sheets, spaghetti, and taglioini. There are other blades that the company produces to further increase the amount of different pasta types that one can create. The freshness of the pasta created by the Atlas 150 is miles beyond any of the frozen or refrigerated stuff that one can fine in dry goods stores and supermarkets, while one can change up the recipe that the company has provided to make thousands (if not millions) of distinct pasta recipes.



The Atlas 150 breaks down easy so that individuals can wipe down every peace; a tip that comes from the instruction manual. This manual makes the entirety of the pasta creation process much easier than if one was going in without any information. Make sure to purchase the Atlas from a reputable retailer – there are a number of online and brick and mortar retailers that will be able to get you your very own Marcato Atlas 150. If one chooses to purchase the Atlas that one should always utilize pasta to clean up the inner workings, rather than using water from a basin or a dishwasher.


Rating: 9.0/10