Monday, December 15, 2014

Wonka Peel-a-pops

Willy Wonka creates a number of innovative candies and their freezer line is no exception. Their latest products builds off of the Japanese mocha snack food and creates something that is tremendously palatable for Americans citizens. The freezer pops, which are available in grape and banana flavors have a softer consistency of ice cream on the outside of the pops. The consistency is more like a blend of putting pudding on a stick of vanilla ice cream. This is a considerable change from the sort of freezer pops that have typically been available in gas stations and convenience stores over the course of the last twenty or so years.


The yogurt like ice cream that is underneath this coating is vanilla, which is reminiscent of soft serve ice cream. The actual size of the Willy Wonka freezer pop is fairly small but it will provide a large amount of filling to one’s snack centers. The flavor profile of each varietal is distinct and stands up to repeat snacking. Look at your supermarket and there should be the Willy Wonka freezer pops in the refrigerated section. Expect to spend about 3 or 4 dollars on the product, which comes with 8 pops. The Willy Wonka website is fun and informative: visit it for information about the entirety of the company’s product lines, new efforts, and any promotions that they may be currently hosting. We will continue to stock the Willy Wonka freezer pops at NeuFutur headquarters for a long while.

Rating: 8.5 / 10