Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Magic Ball

We at NeuFutur are large fans of workout implements and one of the large sized yoga balls is extraordinary for improving core strength. One just needs to make sure that they inflate the yoga ball to the proper pressure and the workout that they will receive from the ball is unparalleled, especially in regards to core strength. Any gym or fitness location will have a number of these balls available. A enterprising company – Pink Diamond69 – has created an adult version of the yoga ball and it looks to take the world by storm.


The ball has a dildo formed on it ensuring that individuals that wish to mix fitness and sexual pleasure can do just that. We received the pink version of this yoga ball which also comes with an inflation tool making the entire process incredibly easy (traditional yoga bal companies should look into including the pump). One just needs to pump the Magic Ball up to the proper firmness and individuals can have an enjoyable and healthy experience. The firmness of the plastic penis is enough to penetrate easily just make sure to use a plastic safe lubricant and ease things in slowly – the rigidity is nice but is intimidating if one chooses to just sit on the phallus. Make sure to visit the company at pinkdiamond69.com for more information about the entirety of their product lines and any news that may be coming down the pipeline. Pink Diamond69’s Magic Ball is something fun that will allow individuals or couples with ample spice to provide that little boost to one’s love life. The ball comes in a purple and a pink color and in two types – one with just the dildo, and another with a dildo and anal plug.


Rating: 8.7/10