Monday, December 15, 2014

Fleet Street Raspberry Wheat






Full Tilt is probably our favorite microbrewery of 2014. We have reviewed them and their efforts extensively and are pleased to say that the brewery has knocked it out of the park yet again with their Fleet Street Raspberry Wheat beer. NeuFutur’s staffers are huge fans of sours and lambics but do not usually find much solace in fruit beers. A great many of them have a very plain macrobrew backbone with an extensive and often times fake fruit flavor that issues forth soon after.


Full Tilt provides an effort with their Fleet Street that breaks our perceptions of the fruit beer style and in doing that forces us to revisit our previously held opinions about the style. The raspberry straddles the line between sweet and tart while the beer backdrop is a solid blend of malt, barley, and a very slight hop kick. The beer may not go crazy with its alcohol content, but the unique flavor profile and considerable drinkability of the beer makes it extra ordinarily easy to drink a few in a session. Make it a point to visit the Full Tilt brewery website at for additional information about the company and their year round efforts.

Rating: 8.9/10

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