Monday, December 15, 2014

LeMoti Releases Debut EP HUSH MONEY

Today Pittsburgh’s LeMoti officially release their debut EP entitled Hush Money, which also marks the first release on Stylust Beats’ new imprint, Sleeveless Records. Boasting five original tracks, including two massive collaborations with Most Dope and Taylor Gang-affiliated rapper, Beedie, plus Canadian future bass producer, Knight RiderzHush Money provides a richly detailed and genre-melting journey through the world of bass music, as explored through the minds of the fearless LeMoti.


1. What I Need feat. Beedie

2. Hush Money

3. Desert Sunrise

4. Keys

5. Golden Boy feat. Knight Riderz


Similar to other bass music experimenters like G Jones and Minnesota, LeMoti pride themselves on an unconventional approach that both explores and ignores the boundaries of genres. This flair for experimentation is not measured simply by their music, but also with their highly-polished performances, which feature live implementation of synthesizers and hardware from their studio. Equipped with this knack for the non-conventional, LeMoti found themselves booked across the U.S. this year, playing some of North America’s most noteworthy festivals, including Burning Man, Shambhala, Emissions, and Lucidity.

Primed for the long-term, LeMoti have carefully honed their craft over the years to a point where it is quickly reaching critical mass in captivating audiences wherever they go. Looking into the near future, the duo has also confirmed a future release with Austin-based label, Gravitas Recordings, set to drop in early 2015. Their sound refined and forward-thinking, the duo have their sights set on leaving an indelible mark on the world of bass music in 2015 with a creative approach that draws on a mind-bendingly wide array of influences.

Le Moti press3

More About LeMoti:

Forged by the ambition of two like-minded musicians, Mason Goldman and Erli Veizi created LeMoti to focus their beat-making abilities in a single entity. Drawing on Erli’s music technology and piano studies at Duquesne University (where he met fellow Pittsburgh beatsmith Buku), he and Mason blend diverse backgrounds in hip-hop, downtempo, deep house and classical music styles. LeMoti tactfully defines their combined sound as “space bass,” crafted via countless hours and studio sessions since 2012. The duo delves beyond the surface level with their musicality, constructing soundscapes that invite the listener to fully immerse themselves in the experience. A pair to keep an eye on, LeMoti are comfortably proving their status as up-and-coming tastemakers.