Sunday, December 14, 2014

Scarlet & The Harlots We Can't Seem To Get Enough CD Review

Scarlet & The Harlots is one of the most interesting acts that we have had the chance to hear. There Once Was A Girl is the first track on the band’s current EP, We Can’t Seem To Get Enough. The strong vocals of Scarlet are part torch song, part coffee shop, and are absolutely intense. The band has the musical chops to keep up with her, with a walking bass line, sizzling sax, and splashy drum lines. The production imbues the tracks on this EP with a larger than life feel and a breakneck momentum that is further bolstered during the next cut, Moonshine Ghost. Moonshine Ghost is a more rough and raw rock track that never allows listeners the chance to get a breath. The instrumental side of thing cranks up the chaos to further highlight Scarlet’s vocals.a1111724889_10

We Can’t Seem To Get Enough is our favorite track on We Can’t Seem To Get Enough. The band is able to have a funky, heavy rock groove fostered by this track but there is such a gulf between the low and high end. Listeners will simply not know where the band will take them through this composition (And through the entirety of this EP), and it is this spontaneity that separates the band from other current artists. Follow is the final track on this release and showcases the more sedate and contemplative side of the act. I feel that this is an essential inclusion as it grants listeners the ability to see another facet to this already-deep band.

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Top Tracks: There Once Was A Girl, We Can’t Seem To Get Enough

Rating: 8.7/10

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