Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dmitry Nechaev – Memory Single Review

Memory is a tremendous track, which will immediately draw listeners in through a lush instrumentation. Dmitry is able to create a narrative with the instrumental side of thing; in the short time before his vocals start on Memory, the arrangement is able to come forth and provide listeners with a fully-variated story. After the vocals are present, listeners will be impressed at how well polished and radio-ready the effort ultimately seems. The arrangements in this single are dark and emotive, with hints of The Cure and Bauhaus. There is a more rootsy, small coffee shop feel to this composition that will speak nicely to fans of current genres and musical approaches. The dynamism that is present in Dmitry’s vocals is a perfect parallel to the instrumentation – there are just so many twists and turns that he takes in the course of three and a half minutes that listeners will have to spin the track a number of times before hearing everything that Dmitry has placed into the track.


This a bold and confident track that will have listeners hanging on each word uttered by Nechaev. The strong side is matched nicely with a softer and more introspective set of feelings. The track roughly equals the human experience – there is dark, like, happiness and sorrow; listeners will be able to hear something absolutely germane to their interests before the track ends.

Make a point to visit Dmitry’s domain for more information about his music, any upcoming news, and further updates about this talented and more than capable performer. Here’s to hoping that he can transition the goodwill received with this single into a full-length format. Buy the single at iTunes and let us know what you think.

Rating: 9.0/10


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