Friday, December 12, 2014

Steve Henrichs Dawn CD Review

Dawn is the latest album from Steve Henrichs, and it will immediately hit listeners with a funky, soulful composition that does more with the interplay between musical elements than vocal-heavy bands can do in the space of their album. There’s A Song feels at home at all periods; there are subtle nods to the seventies, nineties, and the current generation – when the vocals kick in, listeners are given a whole different take on Henrichs, his music, and what one can honestly expect on the rest of Dawn.
Dawn_Cover_208_x_208A Thousand Years is an expansive track that will provide listeners with two amazing lines – the breathy, emotive vocals work perfectly with a much more tribal / new age composition. Taken together, these elements make for a track that will stick with listeners ling after the album ceases. La Gloria is tumultuous and intense while having catchy horns and a tropical feel; the track will invite a bouncy, dancy mood over the course of six minutes. The slight changes provided to the overall sound of La Gloria keeps the track fresh from beginning to end.

Dawn concludes with For All We Know, a traditional jazz composition that looks back to the halcyon days of the middle twentieth century, while having enough in the way of twists and turns to keep listeners focused in. The sheer array of styles broached and influences that listeners can hear through the entirety of Dawn is impressive, providing the compositions with a replay value that is rarely heard on current albums. Make it a point to visit Henrichs’ website for more information about the performer, samples of his music, and the latest in the way of updates from this talented performer.

Top Tracks: There’s A Song, For All We Know

Rating: 8.6/10