Thursday, December 4, 2014

Masaki Hanakata - Lentment

Attic is an effort that ties together Irish and Japanese musical modes and approaches, revitalizing those traditional styles into something that is bright, twinkly, and fun.a2325018791_2

CatCall is a rapidly paced effort that is surprisingly intricate with an overall approach that ties together jazz, blues, and classical music into something that is eclectic, full of wonder, and possessing of a catchiness that will resound in listeners minds long after the album has ceased. The slower tempo of Mado establishes a harmony that is twisted and modified into something wholly different than it began the cut; the laid-back and leisurely sound of the strings and vocals will elicit comparisons to a sunny day.  The lullaby style established by Hanakata during Other People is very calming as the noise approaches that of windchimes. A very medieval approach is taken by Hanakata during Tum Tum; the track is able to cross language barriers as the sound scape that is created during this song is as illustrative as the thickest tome.

The 15 tracks on Lentment each speak to a different facet of Hanakata; the cohesion on the album comes from the innovative and effervescent tone that is present during the album. The album stands up to multiple spins, as the efforts are intricately composed. These additional plays will show listeners hidden interplays and dense, bushy arrangements.  One only can wonder about what subsequent titles will add to the image that Hanakata has portrayed on this release.

Lentment is available for purchase on Bandcamp and on iTunes; visit his website for more information about the performer, his music, and the latest news; the physical Lentiment release comes with an art booklet that spans 40 pages.

Top tracks: Panama, Other People

Rating: 8.7/10

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