Sunday, December 28, 2014

Blue Apron

We had first heard about monthly subscription boxes that provide the required ingredients for a meal a few months ago but it was not until a few days ago when we received our first box from Blue Apron. This is a large box – one could easily use it to pack away stuff for a garage, and it is chock full with the different ingredients that two people will need to create three meals. The important part of the box has to be the sheer amount of ingredients that are included for the three meals that the box provides. This means that an individual or family does not need to have the sort of pantry that a 5 star Michelin chef would have. Rather all one needs to do is use the Blue Apron inclusions to make an absolutely stellar meal.

All of the fixins are present no matter how small of a difference that they add – garlic, beets, shallots, galangal are all included. The meat servings are substantive enough that one will feel full when paired with the side dishes. A chicken schnitzel dish is able to jazz up dull chicken. Our

Chicken_20Schnitzel-9682_20EDIT_splash_featurefavorite dish had to be the shaved beef sliders; there was a sense with these sandwiches that one has honestly went to an upscale bar or restaurant while never having to leave their house. The different dishes that are presented by Blue Apron keep things interesting for those that subscribe for multiple months, as each month has a number of distinct dishes that are available.


The great thing about Blue Apron is that for those items that are hard or downright impossible to separate into a perfect proportion for a recipe like the lemons, onions, and garlic that were all included in our box, Blue Apron actually provides some extra to ensure that buyers have enough for their dish. This means that we were given a whole bunch of garlic as opposed to the three pieces that were required for the plate. The instructions are provided with the box are very easy to follow and would be able to be conducted successfully by anyone that has had any sort of time in the kitchen. Blue Apron would be a perfect purchase for those individuals that might not have the sort of culinary creativity to keep things popping; expect to spend about $60 per each 3 meal box.


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