Tuesday, December 16, 2014

EsQuille My Skin On Your Skin Single Review

My Skin On Your Skin is the latest track from EsQuille, and features guest vocals from Jane Badler. The track is a welcome addition to the corpus of EDM, as it is able to tie together the house and dance of the nineties with a much more current and contemporary sound. The track is a high energy effort and its driving beat will get listeners out on the dance floor. The wide array of synth and vocal elements that are present here add considerably to the replay value of My Skin On Your Skin. Badler’s vocals take a late-nineties / early oughts Madonna approach, creating a bold and infectious melody even as the vocals possess a fun and interesting narrative quality. The sweeping lines and bold, forward arrangements will permanently tattoo the track’s sound deep into the psyche and hearts of listeners, to be repeated a number of times for the next few months after one first hears the track.

My Skin On Your Skin Single Cover

The overall production of My Skin On Your Skin is strong enough to unite these disparate elements into a compelling and intense track, one that furthers the overall bevy of sounds and styles that are present in EDM while honoring the approaches taken by previous performers in the field. In doing so, EsQuille is able to put forth a track that would easily be able to cross over to pop stations. The track has a density to it that will ensure listeners spin it multiple times to hear the complete set of twists and tricks that EsQuille has placed into the composition.


Make sure to visit EsQuille’s website for more information about the artist, samples of his music, and further information regarding the tracks and releases that he will have in the waning days of 2014 and beyond.

Rating: 9.0/10


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