Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

We cook all the time in our kitchen but did not have a scale to measure things – sure, we had measuring cups, but nothing in the way of a digital scale. The simple fact is that a lot of the measuring cups suffer in determining the difference between liquid and dry ingredients, which means that there are different portions of flour and sugar and that for broth and water. We received our first kitchen scale a few months ago at our place; we are pleased to report that it has revolutionized our cooking.


This means that if we want to weigh a certain dry goods or wet goods in a bowl, the Ozeri Touch weighs out in grams, ounces or even fluid ounces. The overall design of the Ozeri Touch scale is very fashionable, reminiscent of current smart phones – we have had a number of our friends confused about why we had a tablet setting on our countertops. The scale is able to accurately weigh items up tyo around 11 pounds, meaning that individuals that ship things via online auction services or stores should seriously picking up one of these scales. When I have an item that needs to be weighed for the post office, I make sure to use the Ozeri Touch – we have never received a package back for postage due, meaning that the device is calibrated accurately. The Touch utilizes two watch batteries, meaning that there is around $2 upkeep on the device for every six months worth of use.


Make sure to visit Ozeri’s website at for the full list of products that they have released. You should be able to find Ozeri scales at a wide variety of online retailers; make sure to price match, and you may be able to find the Touch for around $20.


Rating: 9.3/10

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