Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A.M Ferrari Fradejas Hostile Land EP Review

The eponymous effort on Hostile Land is a darkly emotive track that will immediately draw in listeners based on the interplay between the vocals and softly-composed piano. There is a haunting melody that is weaved through this introductory track, something that continues during They Will Eat Us Alive. The more deliberate compositional elements during the song are reminiscent of Spanish guitar work, while the dynamic that is created between vocal and instrumental efforts pushes each to a more raucous and resonating level. The track may reach over the five minute mark, but there are enough shifts and changes present during this composition that listeners will be as eager to devour more of Hostile Land than they were at the onset of the song.a0432908766_10

A Hymn To The Beast is the final track on Hostile Land, and it acts as a perfect conclusion to the wide array of styles and approaches that were present. This composition is an epic; listeners will be taken on a journey that reveals ethereal and electronic elements. The track keeps a quick tempo and establishes a much darker soundscape for listeners. The ending to Hostile Land is strong and a slight bit scary; there is a dissonance that is present here that threatens to destroy the delicate balance created during the album. A.M Ferrari Fradejas is able to reign this in and create an impressive ending to a solid album.

Hostile Land is available from Bandcamp and CDBaby; make sure to visit his website and social media account for additional information about his music, news about performances, and samples of the tracks on Hostile Land.

Top Tracks: They Will Eat Us Alive, A Hymn To The Beast

Rating: 8.3/10

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