Saturday, December 13, 2014

Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter cups

I may just be locked into my ways but the largest most well-known types of peanut butter cups are those usually that I search out when I am at a supermarket. It is not as if they are the only peanut butter cup product that is being released but they typically are the best tasting. We may have finally found a product that supplants a great many of the famous peanut butter cups – Theo Chocolates’ milk and dark chocolate peanut butter. Previous experiences that we have had with upscale and organic peanut butter cups is that the peanut butter itself is gritty and grainy, something that is a little off-putting and creates a bizarre dichotomy between the peanut butter and the chocolate.


Theo has a approachable consistency to the peanut butter and their chocolate is some of the best that we have experienced when we have eaten candies. These peanut butter cups are better than to the old standards currently on the market. Of the two, I feel that the boldness that is present in the dark chocolate makes for an overall around better experience, but the milk chocolate is an interesting and fulfilling take on peanut butter cup as well.


All together this makes Theo’s peanut butter cups the best that we have eaten so far in 2014. Make sure to visit Theo’s chocolates at for more information about their product lines, new efforts, & a list of locations at which one may be able to find these peanut butter cups. A package of the cups will run about $2.29, while the shop available at the Theo Chocolates’ website possesses a great deal of information about individual products and the entirety of their product lines.


Rating: 8.7 / 10


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