Thursday, December 11, 2014


This is the time of the year for Christmas beers and Chicago’s Revolution Brewing has just released their Fistmas Ale. The beer pours with a dark oche to copper coloration with a tannish head that will take some moments to dissipate. The beer is not overwhelmingly sweet like many of the Christmas offerings but provides imbibers with hoppy, malty, and lightly sweet elements. The higher ABV of Fistmas provides a certain sort of warmth and decreasing the presence of the sweeter elements. The unity of flavors and harmonies between them makes for a delectable beer that will be hard to put down. I feel that the more fruit elements interact perfectly with the greater malt presence in the beer. The sweetness is more akin to caramel and toffee rather than candi sugar; everything works well in contributing to a unitary and intense effort.


The hop presence that is in Fistmas provides a refreshing of the individual’s palette that is necessary for individuals to want to drink (and crave for) the effort numerous times. This is not an IPA but the slight hop side will be appreciated by fans of the style. This is a welcome addition to the holiday seasonal offerings and should be picked up for any fans of red ales. Make it a point to go forth and visit the Revolution Brewing website for more information about their seasonal and year-round efforts as well as information concerning their brewery.


Rating 8.6 / 10

Fistmas / Revolution Brewing / 8.1 % ABV /