Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Vinyl Floor Vaudeville CD Review

Change the Song is a track that links together The Killers and Franz Ferdinand with a rich eighties style that is reminiscent of The Psychedelic Furs or Talking Heads. The rich production of this introductory track will immediately draw listeners in to the second cut, Shift. Shift is a track that has Vinyl Floor strip down their style to adopt a much more front-forward and Detroit rock-esque sound. The quicker tempo of Shift provides ample momentum for listeners to stick around until the band closes up shop with Angel (Reprise).


Angel of Crime is a richly ornamented track that tells just as much of a story with the track’s instrumentation as the vocals contribute. This tendency is continued through our favorite track on Vaudeville, Sensational Freedom Country Estate. Sensational Freedom Country Estate pushes things to a bold new frontier with smart instrumentation and vocals; the drums are really able to shine with this cut in a fashion unparalleled on Vaudeville. Castles is a more introspective track that utilizes a very traditional singer-songwriter style, firmly placing Vinyl Floor into a mid-seventies style. The act is talented enough to make the effort work in the ears and hearts of current music fans through an emotive and intricate guitar line that is weaved through the track.

The great thing about Vaudeville is the fact that individuals that wish to hear the title can pay a fair price (the band suggests a level of donation) to see precisely what is going on. The band has clarified and evolved their sound to make for one of the catchiest and most fulfilling albums that we have reviewed in the last year.

Top Tracks: Change the Song, Sensational Freedom Country Estate

Rating: 8.5/10


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