Monday, December 22, 2014

Mikki Radio Shivers Single Review

The overall emotiveness of the vocals here are what will keep listeners focused in from beginning to end. The instrumentation does a tremendous job in providing highlighting for these vocals in all of the right places, meaning that listeners are hooked before the track hits the half-minute mark. Shivers is a track that will work equally well in pop / crossover styles, emotive rock, and EDM approaches – the dense and detailed composition that Mikki Radio presents here will take considerable amounts of spins to fully “get”. Fans of a wide swath of styles will be able to find something that they can appreciate. Shivers ends in a wholly different space than it began, and the ability of Mikki Radio to create a track that is still able to be cohesive while making use of so many different twists and turns is further indication that the artist is a master of his domain.WKRJQkHm_400x400


Shivers is a track that deserves airplay as it shakes up what one will tend to expect from these style of compositions. We are fans of the production quality of this singles, as the synths sweep across the backgrounds as the dulcet tones of the listeners drill themselves ever deeper into the minds and hearts of the listeners. Make it a point to visit Mikki Radio’s Soundcloud for samples of his music and bookmark his Facebook for more information about new singles and the latest updates from the Mikki Radio camp. If this track is any indication of what will follow on subsequent releases, one would do well to purchase the track and get in on the ground floor – here’s to hoping that we will hear about a Mikki Radio full-length in 2015 .


Rating: 9.0/10


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