Wednesday, December 3, 2014

California Dry Hop Lager

There is a decidedly large gap between those individuals that are familiar with microbrewery lagers and those people that are fans of more hop laden beers. Sudwerk is a company that looks to bridge this divide while having a beer that is simultaneously refreshing and bitter. The beer is able to do both of these admirably meaning that there is a decided barley and wheat flavor that is active from the second that an individual cracks open one of these cans. On the back end of each sip there is a certain mouth feel that is provided by the hops.


I applaud Sudwerk’s decision to dry hopping this beer (utilizing Simcoe, Amarillo, and Cascade hops) as dry hops are much more noticeable especially with the big and bold barley and grain flavors that are present here. There is enough in the way of complexity that even those that are familiar with India Pale Ales will have something to appreciate. The cans that the brewery uses allows individuals to have the best possible way (besides drinking it on tap) to experience the Dry Hop Lager; the effort is crisp and fresh from beginning to end.


This would be a perfect purchase for those that are fans of macro brewery efforts; with a somewhat more muted hop taste present, individuals will be easily able to familiarize themselves with the expansive IPA designation. For greater information about the company, there year round efforts, and any seasonal offerings that they may provide make sure to visit their domain at .


Rating 8.4 / 10

California Dry Hop Lager / Sudwerk Brewery / 5.0% ABV / / / .