Saturday, December 20, 2014

VOMO XL Headphones

We received a pair of the VOMO XL headphones from Western Leaf Electronics, a Canadian company that is looking to make a name for themselves. We were in the need for a pair of headphones and received this effort, which likes to shake what individuals desire from a pair of headphones on its head. The fit of the headphones is very firm and conforms to an individual’s head without pinching or otherwise being annoying, no matter what sort of activities that one may do. We were a big fan of the two way plug for the VOMO XL’s headphone jack cable. This means that if tangled one could go and unplug both parts of the cord, rather than having to untie the cord from itself.



We are also a fan of the buttons on the headphones which allowed us to go and change the song on our mp3 player. This was good because when somebody is working out, playing with an mp3 player is a recipe for disaster. The VOMO XLs have high quality speakers in them as well. If one is watching or listening to some sort of podcast, voices can be discerned distinctly and clearly. If one works out with music, no matter what genres they appreciate, the replay of the songs is equitable to that on a car stereo. The durability of the headphones’ build quality is such that one could use them for years before they had to replace them.


Make sure to visit the Western Leaf Electronics website at for more information about their product lines, new releases, and other promotions that they are offering. One can purchase a pair of the headphones for about $200 on online retailers like Amazon – they would be a perfect purchase for the holidays or for a birthday.


Rating: 9.0/10


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